About us                                                                            


We have been established in 2015 with an innovative spirit and 15 years of experience in marine lubricant trading sector.


We are specialized with marine lubricant trading worldwide. We have strong partnerships with major and reliable suppliers in every region of the  World.


Our experienced and dedicated team serve to our clients with in depth technical and practical knowledge.


We provide to our customers the highest standarts of lubes and maximized customer satisfaction with our competitive prices.


Our goal is to feel them as confident to our customer  when they choose us solution partner for marine lubricants. Because we always think of every details for them like as purchase team of on behalf.


We strive to be always innovative and one step ahead.



Our timely deliveries are crucial to how our customers view our reliability. 



We are the one-up on the  competition based on our pricing, quality, reliability,

technological breakthroughs and knowledge of industry trends